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Test Accommodations for the NYS Bar Examination

ADA Handbook
ADA Application Form
ADA Re-Application Form

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (as amended), it is the policy of the New York State Board of Law Examiners to provide accommodations in testing conditions to applicants with disabilities who are qualified candidates for the bar examination to the extent such accommodations are timely requested, reasonable, not unduly burdensome, consistent with the nature and purpose of the examination and necessitated by the applicant's disability.

Each applicant's request for test accommodations is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Applicants should carefully read Board Rule 6000.4 and the Board’s Test Accommodations Handbook which covers the requirements and procedures for requesting test accommodations and the Board’s review processes.


1. Download or request a paper copy of the Board’s Test Accommodations Handbook and carefully read and follow its instructions.

2. Prepare the appropriate application for test accommodations (either the Application for Test Accommodations or the Re-Applicant Application for Test Accommodations) and gather all required supporting documentation. This is a paper application which cannot be submitted online.  The forms can be found in the Handbook.  In addition, the Board now offers fillable Adobe .pdf versions of both applications (see above links).

3. Submit your completed application or re-application together with all required supporting documentation to the Board. All applicants are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as they know that they will be requesting accommodations – up to six months in advance of the examination. To be timely, applications must be RECEIVED in the Board’s office by (or before) the general application deadline. Please note this is NOT a "postmarked by" deadline.  If the general application deadline falls on a holiday or weekend, the application must be received by the last business day preceding the deadline. The Board's office is not open on weekends or holidays and does not receive mail on these days. The following deadlines apply:

Exam Received by
February November 30
July April 30

An applicant who received an unsuccessful score on the immediately preceding administration of the examination must file the application or re-applicant application for test accommodations by the later of (1) the deadline indicated above or (2) the 14th day following the date of the Board's release of the examination results. If the deadline falls on a holiday or weekend, the application must be received by the last business day preceding the deadline.

Applications and supporting documentation that are incomplete or received after the deadline will not be considered.

4. Send your completed application together with all required documentation to:

New York State Board of Law Examiners
Office of Test Accommodations
Corporate Plaza – Building 3
254 Washington Avenue Extension
Albany, NY 12203


Applicants for test accommodations must also meet the eligibility requirements for the bar examination. These include: timely applying for the bar examination, timely registering for the laptop program (unless handwriting the examination), paying the appropriate fees, and meeting all legal education requirements including submission of all required proofs.  Questions concerning these other eligibility requirements should be addressed to the Board’s main office, and not to the Test Accommodations Office. Please note that in completing your general bar examination application, you must indicate that you are requesting test accommodations.