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Admissions, Swearing In, and Character and Fitness: Any questions on admission to the Bar, swearing in and character and fitness application materials should be directed to the appropriate Appellate Division of the Supreme Court. Each applicant for admission should visit the website of the appropriate Appellate Division of the Supreme Court by clicking on the link in the box below to learn of their individual requirements or forms. The telephone numbers and website links are as follows:

First Department (646) 386-5893
Second Department (718) 923-6360
Third Department (518) 471-4778
Fourth Department (585) 530-3100

The Board of Law Examiners has no information about, and is unable to answer questions regarding the Application for Admission to Practice, which you may download by clicking the link above "Multi-Department Admission Packet." You should read the General Instructions very carefully, and direct any questions to the Judicial Department in which you reside or to which you have been certified.

If you change your address before you receive your results from the bar examination, you must immediately notify the Board of such change using the Board’s online Change of Address Request form found here. Changes which affect certification to the Appellate Division for admission purposes must be received by the Board by October 15 for a July exam and April 15 for a February exam. Once you are certified for admission, any change of address MUST be made through the Appellate Division to which you were certified.

Section 520.12(d)(1) of the Rules of the New York State Court of Appeals for the Admission of Attorneys and Counselors at Law requires applicants to file the complete application for admission with the Supreme Court, Appellate Division within three (3) years from the date when the applicant sat for the second day of the Uniform Bar Examination, whether taken in New York or in another jurisdiction. Pursuant to Section 520.12(d)(2) applicants who passed the bar examination administered prior to July 2016 must file the complete application for admission within three (3) years from the date of the letter sent by the Board notifying the applicant that the applicant passed the bar examination. A failure to timely file the application for admission may result in the applicant having to re-sit the bar examination.


On September 14, 2012, the New York State Court of Appeals adopted a new rule requiring applicants who successfully pass the bar examination in New York State to perform 50 hours of pro bono services before applying for admission to practice. Applicants seeking admission to practice after January 1, 2015, must demonstrate compliance with this requirement. Please note that this requirement does NOT apply to applicants seeking admission on motion pursuant to Rule 520.10. For more information, please see